Three Amigos go solo, Day 13

Today I realized the bibb lettuce is just not going to stand up.  It hasn’t improved much.
Day 11 lettuce

To get some more data points, I pulled 3 leggy plants and put them to rest (ate them, quite good. I’ll do an article on micro-greens soon).  I reused the rockwool for 3 new bibb lettuce seeds. They’re hiding in the dark and chilly room (well, 71f floor temp) of the basement.

The living received their first non-water feeding. They received a well-balanced meal of 750ml of nutrient-filled PH-balanced water.  Mmmmm-mmmm good!

And, of course, they’re still under lights. Just about 1″ under a 2′ T5 setup.  The oscillating fan and basement temps keep the rockwool about 73-75f during the day, creeping down to 70 in the early morning hours.  They’ve been increased to 16 hours of light, from around 12 they were getting.

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