Bibb lettuce differences

I was hovering about the garden last night and noticed a few lettuce plants look drastically different than the others.  After 3 minutes of playing “which one of these doesn’t belong with the others”, I found 3 bibb lettuce plants that did not look like the other 8-10.  They were quite tall and disorganized.

The “normal” looking bibb is on the left here, he is about half the age of the sibling to the right, but they came from the same seed packet.

Bibb lettuce variance in growth

Bibb lettuce variance in growth

I am thinking this is a result of the leggy-seedlings way-back-when. I had too little light on some of the lettuce seeds during their early days, and they stretched out looking for more light.  Many fell over and I threw them out, but some I left in and hoped for the best.

I made a salad out of this tall guy last night – and he tasted the same as his shorter, more organized neighbors.

I’m going to research this more and see what is up.  Both plants look healthy, and without knowing they were the same seed packet – you’d think they were completely different variants of lettuce.

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